2 1/2" Scale/ Live Steam PArts, Cabs, and rolling stock

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most parts are cast in white metal, this works fine for non-working hardware. I use these parts extensively on my own cars and cars I  build for

my customers, the parts last forever and are 1/4 the cost of brass. The Brake Cylinder is high impact hand poured cast resin, as tough as cast aluminum

and will last twice as long... PHOTOS coming SOON!!! THIS PAGE STILL BEING WORKED ON.... check back often.

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L-5001 D&RG Brake Cylinder Set $48.00
L-5002 Triple Valve $35.00
L-5003 "T" fitting, freight car air line $12.00
L-5004 Brake Cylinder Cut off valve $12.00
L-5005 Glad Hand/Angle Cock set $30.00
L-5006 Malleable Car Washer 1/2"" set of 6 $15.00
L-5007 Malleable Car Washer  3/4", set of 6 $15.00
L-5008 Malleable Car Washer  1", set of 6 $15.00
L-5009 WSLCo Rectangle Car Washer, set of 4 $20.00
L-5010 2.5" scale Switch/Car Lock, set of 4 $12.00
L-5012 Cab kit for C-21 Available now!!!! $825.00
L-5013 WSLCo Eliptical Car Washer, set of 4 $20.00

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