Updated 05/19/2016

Coming out in the next few weeks and months are new kits in F/G, O scale and HO scale. Of interest are the new building fronts. I have about a dozen planned including several that are being converted from kits already in the range. Just released is the Union Bank, its about 2" deep including the front board walk. Next is Chillery's.. In F/G look for more interior details, then  The Bakery based on our Silver Plume Bakery kits in the lesser scales, then look for Donkey Corners Depot and Crick Hollow Hardware...All are out and in stock, ready to ship, except for Crick, its in the works along with Ophir Depot..

CUSTOM building is available for any of our kits. If you are interested, let me know. I do all of the building myself. Pricing is based on 3 to 5 times the cost of the kit plus the cost of the kit. Additional details are of course extra. The amount of custom work I do is limited so if interested, let me know and I can give you a time frame.

A note about postage, especially beyond our shores.... It costs like hell to ship overseas, but I will do everything I can to ship you our products as inexpensivly as I can, if you order boxed kits, expect to pay $45-65. When I can I will cover costs over that amount. If you order small items that can ship in an envelope, you WILL get a refund on the shipping costs. Please note that the shopping cart is a bit archaic and does not see the difference between small packs and larger packs...OK?

Domestic shipping, its gone up ....again.... We will give refunds when we can in the case of the shopping cart or ebay sales for excesive postage paid, especially in the case of kits that fit in envelopes.

 If you have a question, email or call.



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